Ceramic Christmas tree
with lights and heavy snow

Each tree comes complete with bulbs and light.  The light cord has an "on/off" switch on the cord and it includes the light bulb.

Ceramic Christmas Tree
With heavy lights
And heavy snow

$29.99 ea.

Our hand painted ceramic Christmas tree with heavy snow measures 8" tall x 6" wide.  This tree is beautiful in the daylight with the bright, white snow on the branches.  When the tree "lights" are on, it adds a warm glow to any room.  The base has a light in it which shines up into the tree and that makes the plastic "bulbs" look like they're lit up. 

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about the tree.

This tree comes with 2 light bulbs and some extra plastic bulbs.  It is all hand made in a smoke free environment.

The bulbs on the tree are glued in.

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